Volunteer registration form

  • Volunteer registration in an ecotourism association with SPA NATURE and test electric cars with circuits discovered in Portugal and Spain, in the peninsula and the islands.

    We are looking for volunteers with experience in the different subjects concerning our activities: Activity and associative organization - Tourism - Ecotourism - Well-being - Animation - Sport - Hotel service - Gastronomy - Training - Team management.

    If you are one of the people who love and value NATURE, in favor of "SAVE THE PLANET", you can be welcome among our team and share wonderful moments of happiness together. We put all the best conditions so that all our volunteers live truly exceptional and unique moments and experiences in a nice team spirit in harmony with the NATURE thanks to our sites with wonderful gardens aiming to achieve them. The most beautiful in the world. We all participate together in the creation of this fantastic art, we love it, it is only happiness.

    Of course, the volunteers take advantage of the full-board 4-star hotel, including all extra free activities, as well as sightseeing tours throughout Portugal and Spain, in the peninsula and islands that are also offered.

    Our first mission, all together to build happiness, enjoy it, live it fully as a team that we are, live a new stage beautiful and full of good things.


    Also for people looking for a paid job, every month a number of volunteers can get a work contract in one of our tourism businesses. Our important development with ecotourism, allows us to create many jobs with people who come from different countries of the EU. They start in a volunteer position and if they are selected, they get a steady and sustainable job with great opportunities for development, this in many different trades of the huge tourism industry and benefits to ecotourism.

    We create numerous jobs every month, for every 5 newcomers between volunteers and young people in free training, then a stable job.

    What are you asking us ?

    We just ask you, come with PEACE, to leave problematic and conflicting minds where they are.

  • Our mission :

    Our activities for ecology, ecotourism, our mission to contribute to "SAVE THE PLANET", if you are also interested in learning one of the 7 languages that we all use together and teach with members and volunteers of 28 EU countries, and a profession to learn from the dozens that we practice in our organization and teach with experienced professionals, then, you will just have to be selected to complete a year as a volunteer, receive a full pension in 4 stars and many advantages, traveling, enjoy a holiday atmosphere all year all paid expenses.

    Also you can enjoy the spaces Vacations Culture Leisure, Dance, Music, Theater, Wellness, Yoga, Painting, Sports, Sailing, Scuba diving, etc.

    You will be settled in a holiday club in Portimao Algarve.


    In addition, after one year of training, to be able to get a stable job in the huge tourism industry that brings together many exciting jobs in France or different countries in Europe and other continents also possible.

    Ecology has every opportunity to be a great driver of economic development, just as tourism, but the two together with ecotourism, the forces multiply.

    Ecotourism is growing, it is a great development future in creating stable and sustainable jobs.

    Job Opportunity in the Tourism Industry :



    • 1 in 10 jobs on the planet is now linked to the travel and tourism sector (10% of global GDP)
    • 20% of jobs created worldwide have been in the travel and tourism sector over the last 10 years (313 million jobs worldwide)
    • Nearly 100 million new jobs could be created in the sector in the next 10 years with appropriate state support.
    Our organization :

    Our Organization is the GIE (economic interest group) between various companies in the tourism sector in Portugal and Spain of more than 30 years of existence with teams of several nationalities of Europe, professionals of more than 40 years experience in the many trades of tourism. Also, our Organization consists of a grouping of several associations in different EU countries with missions for ecotourism and ecology.

    In our program, we are all working together to develop and revitalize the development of ecotourism, to make our contribution to the mission of "SAVE THE PLANET".

    We are pioneering the introduction of the electric car and the eco-restaurant label in tourist circuits in Portugal and Spain. Also in research, studies of projects and construction of eco-villages vacations 100% autonomous in electricity and water, as well as its management in the concept of ecotourism new generation.

    Request information, list of activities for volunteers, also for young people wishing to come to live an ecotourism training, the list of languages and trades to be able to learn during a year of training in volunteering status : volunteer-learn@mundiviagens-circuitos-development -union.pt