Training for young people from 20 to 30 years and adults over 45 to 75 years.
Throughout the year, services for tourism or useful life are offered. What is it concretely? What are the challenges and opportunities?
Our association DEVELOPMENT UNION provides free training for our members interested and in need of a professional conversion in the trade of responsible tourism, durable tourism, cultural ecotourism.


– Know what we mean when we talk about sustainable development;
– Awareness of the impacts of lasting development on tourist travel and business travel;
– Understanding the influence of the notions on the actors, the product, the different directions of the tourist activities;
– Permission and promotion in a lasting development in the countries and reception territory;
– Preserve local cultures in respect of differences, and relationships between people around them;
– Ensure that the social, cultural and environmental balances of the recipients
– Ensure a fair distribution of the economic benefits generated by the tourist activity;
– Minimizer of the impact of tourism activity on the environment;
– Allow and develop solidarity between populations and welcoming populations;




After its training, our association DEVELOPMENT UNION helps young people and older adults to get a job in the tourism sector, in different countries of Europe.

Solidarity between young and old is part of our DNA. Our goal is to break the isolation of older people, but also promote the success of young people.

The generations unite;

We are committed to the new intergenerational solidarity.

“If young people need their elders to build themselves, the elders need young people to stay in the present.”




Knowledge exchanges, volunteer skills, solidarity is exercised in all areas: training, employment, tourism, recreation.

Tourism statistics in Europe:

The European Union has more than two million companies that operate mainly or partially in the tourism sector. Most of these are small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that employ a total of about 12 million people. In some EU countries, the direct contribution of tourism to GDP is 11%.

“In the next 10 years, tourism can create more than 5 million new jobs, among other things because the number of tourists is expected to double to more than 2 billion. Europe should not miss this opportunity. ”

The promotion of sustainable tourism throughout Europe is the central element of the agreement signed on March 1, 2018 between the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) and the European Parliament