Sensitize us on responsible tourism

Raise awareness, explain and support responsible tourism.


Our association DEVELOPMENT UNION is committed to the knowledge of sustainable development with the participation of these professional teams, animators, tour guides, professional trainers, etc.


The concept of sustainable development is changing our way of life. To raise public awareness about the urgency of taking it into account for the planet, he must understand and assimilate it.


Great awareness campaigns have alerted opinions, but for things to move, we must go further. Citizens must understand the problems, the reasons for global warming and the means to act. Many professionals are responsible for providing reliable and verified information.

Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism is based on several fundamentals: having a positive impact on local populations and at the same time having a minimal impact on the environment.


Preservation of nature, respect for the populations found, listening, sharing … Far from mass tourism and the circuits of mass consumption, these values are described as sustainable, ethical, equitable and participatory.

Responsible, useful and ethical tourism.


Responsible tourism is a belief that the traveler carries : interest, respect, courtesy and attention to local populations, respecting their culture and customs.


Responsible travel also means respecting the planet by limiting its impact on the environment as much as possible during your itinerary.
Activities targeting the local population have a positive impact on the economy, but they can also have negative effects.
Today, it is an important economic tool for the fight against poverty. Some developing countries even consider that this form of tourism is indispensable for their economy.

Therefore, responsible tourism handles the issue of travel, respecting local economic development and the preservation of cultural and natural resources.