OUR OFFER: Long-term senior stays


25 YEARS of experience and know-how make the difference; the expertise in the field of Eco-tourism that we have acquired allows us to be reactive and operational for the PREVENTION of CONTAMINATION epidemic virus and to offer you an ALTERNATIVE SOLUTION to AVOID CONTAMINATION:


The PACK Long stays senior

Reasonable management of the current epidemic alert

14 weeks in friendly Eco-villages, housed in houses with private gardens

long-term stays for seniors, associations and their families
Organic quality in full board

One-way plane ticket included.
13 subsidized weeks of well-being and security thanks to sponsorship, a link in the solidarity chain of our stays at Eco points.

Participating in our solidarity sponsorship chain allows you to benefit from Eco points. It is to allow associations and members of family and friends to make themselves useful in our solidarity mutual aid chain by participating in the organization of planting nursery trees, gardening activities, construction of bungalow ½ day per week and to the activities of the ECOTOURISME SOLIDAIRE Club

An Eco point earned by sponsorship towards our subsidized formulas is a free week.

The commitments of the solidarity chain “If young people need their elders to build themselves, they need young people to stay in the present”.


Sponsorship 13 week long stay via
the solidarity holiday solidarity chain = Eco-point = 100% subsidized week

The first week is offered at € 980 for all beneficiary members
7 days and 7 nights in a detached house with garden, full board,
free membership.

Full board, organic quality and meals with anti-virus prevention plan.

Garden maintenance available.

Premises with special protocol for cleaning all products before being delivered to seniors in individual houses.

Prevention plan protection against epidemic risk for our long stays

93.7% of people who die from the virus epidemic are at least 50 years old. And those already weakened by a pathology are even less spared. The Institut Pasteur expects a vaccine within 20 months. Today we face the threat of the spread of this virus and the risk of contamination locally and internationally.

We are attached to the new solidarity between the generations: “If young people need to build with their elders, they need the young to stay in the present”.

Faced with the current epidemic risk alert, we have chosen to develop, with our partner MUNDIVIAGENS, TOUR OPERATOR based in Portugal, prevention solutions protection against epidemic risk and within the framework of sustainable development during long stays for seniors and their families, with 13 weeks 100% subsidized with the aim of allowing friends and family members to make themselves useful in our solidarity aid chain.

The epidemic risk prevention plan implemented concerns all aspects of daily life: the management of premises, meals, our teams and support for beneficiary members. It offers our members a stress-relieving activity program to best support our members in the face of the current health crisis.

Title: Our solution: the long stay senior formula and prevention and protection

Less than three months after the start of the coronavirus epidemic in mainland China, researchers around the world, including French people, are trying to find a vaccine. And according to the Pasteur Institute, it is possible to envisage that it will be ready by the end of the summer of 2021.
Concerned in the foreground within the framework of the global health alert of epidemic risk, we decided to commit ourselves and to integrate the framework of our eco-vacation formulas useful for ecology, subsidized to raise awareness and learn the gestures and habits of prevention necessary for this challenge.
Our organization is keen to provide its teams and beneficiary members with the essential equipment and to communicate all the information, gestures and recommendations useful for everyone to protect themselves in the context of long-term senior stays dedicated to well-being and security. We are already making available in individual houses with individual gardens hygiene products for frequent hand washing and a hydro alcoholic solution for rubbing hands.
Today, we have the possibility of making our beneficiary members benefit from long-term, subsidized stays, with a 14-week package, in the best conditions at a price of 10 euros per day. This is possible thanks to our principle of mutual aid, thanks to our solidarity caring chain useful holiday.
We are following the news of the epidemic to adapt and offer the best safety standards indicated by all the professionals and health experts working on epidemic risk.
With our experience and our professionalism, we are implementing new solutions to escape this scourge of the virus epidemic. We are not a medical structure and do not pretend to work miracles; we have the necessary structures, the professional teams and the know-how to ensure optimal conditions of prevention and health security.
You will be dozens of times less exposed to the risk of contamination thanks to this device, far from big cities, with so much less risk, than if you live in buildings and you go to supermarkets or other shops.
To date, we offer the only solution for people over 50 who are at maximum risk of being contaminated. And while waiting for a vaccine available within the next 20 months, how can we not be infected with such a large number of people living in cities and who will be more and more likely to be affected by the virus?
The solution is not to be discouraged, but to make your decision in the face of the reality of a risky situation by putting in place a concrete prevention plan.

Title: A concrete plan: prevention in the face of health alerts

Our organization commits our long-term stays formula to a rigorous prevention plan.
Long-term senior stays are carried out far from epidemic risk areas (large urban centers) to protect our seniors from the stress of contamination in a way favorable to development and good health.
We recommend, without obligation, to all of our guests staying in houses with individual gardens to communicate as much as possible with the outside world via social media and telephone messages and to adopt the recommended hygienic habits.
We are already making available in individual houses with individual gardens hygiene products for frequent hand washing and a hydro alcoholic solution for rubbing hands.
You will benefit from a long-term stay that is 100% anti-stress thanks to activities such as yoga, walking, gardening and gardening. Intergroup contacts will be limited by a minimum distance of 20 meters to maintain between groups and intergroup activities will be organized only at the request of participants.
Concrete measures to be protected against the epidemic:
We are implementing the use of FFP2 type respiratory protection masks, initially dedicated to healthcare professionals and adapted to protection against epidemic risk.
We work with cleaning companies experienced in the management of cleaning of all types of establishments and implement with it adapted hygiene solutions. For cleaning we use suitable chemical disinfectants, these are disinfectants based on bleach or chlorine, solvents, 75% ethanol, peracetic acid and chloroform. These are essential in high-risk areas, such as hospitals.
And in each house with individual garden our beneficiary members have at their disposal all the disinfectant and hygiene products with gloves and special masks and a sprayer for the use of disinfectants in hygiene.

Title: safety prevention plan for meal management

Regarding the management of full-board meals in our long-term stays formula, there is a safety prevention plan in the face of the health alert risk of epidemic.
Meals will be delivered to you twice a week with all the necessary measures to prevent any contamination. You will have the choice of prepared meals or an online shopping list, local and organic products. Fresh products on the list and delivery of meals prepared on the menu.
These meals are dishes cooked by manufacturers. They meet the best conditions for non-contamination and comply with the most demanding Codex Alimentarius standards worldwide: ISO 22000, ISO 9001 and ISO 14000.
Before delivering meals to you, our delivery teams carry out a cleaning process for all packaging and food products using specific disinfectant and hygiene products.
And in each house with individual garden, our beneficiary members have at their disposal all the disinfectant and hygiene products dedicated to the fight against epidemic risk.

Title : Security at all levels; quarantine for our teams

To date, we are preparing our teams for their vigilant involvement and guaranteeing the availability and efficiency of our teams in the face of health alerts.
We work in a quarantine standard to guarantee availability and efficiency. Everyone strives to communicate with the outside world as much as possible by phone and social media. Teamwork is carried out physically in small groups and in teams within the departments and services in our organization, located in several regions of several countries.
This internal health security standard has a dual objective. On the one hand take care of our teams during this long period at very high risk of contamination. On the other hand, mobilize our available, involved and healthy teams to support all of our members who are beneficiaries of long-term stays staying in a house with an individual garden.
Organization in terms of physical security:
In any crisis, the risks of physical security increase, our organization is aware of this and is attentive and rigorous in the face of this issue of primary importance.
We use internal security teams as well as external security companies that patrol 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in the areas where houses with individual gardens are located for our beneficiary members on long-term stays.
The provinces and areas in Portugal and Spain where houses with individual gardens are located have a much lower crime and risk rate than the majority of large cities in Europe. The country’s security forces are vigilant; cameras are installed in all of these tourist areas.