Affiliated status

We are an Ecotourism Organization whose mission is to raise awareness of environmental protection, to participate and to contribute to take useful measures to combat global warming and climate change.

Anyone aged 18 and over who wishes to benefit from our free stays is required to set up groups of at least 3 people to promote our ecotourism.


Anyone who supports “saving the planet” and wants to discover what the new ecotourism concept SPA NATURE and ZEN above all promote it around the world.

All you have to do is sign up for the invitation stay on the site and then make a booking for a group of people (4 to 15 people maximum) including yourself.

It is the person (still called Eco-guide) who registers to stay on the site by informing his email address and who also builds up a group of people who will accompany him during the tourist stay.

I am text block. Click edit button to change this text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.aOnly the Eco-guide benefits from the 100% grant, while the others who are the accompanying ones benefit from 65% of subsidies. This means that the remaining 35% of the amount of the stay is paid by the attendants themselves.

To benefit from the stays, it is enough to form each time different groups of 3 people minimum to 14 people maximum.

To benefit from 65% subsidized stays, you only need to be a member of a group of people who make up a booking and request a stay on a specific date for a specific period of time.

Its duration ranges from 5 to 10 days for a stay

You can come as many times as you like from the moment you have a different group of people each time.

It is a stay lasting 5 to 10 days and you can enjoy it for the2nd time in a row as long as you consider the condition of bringing back 3 new people during your stay, since the goal is to introduce our new ecotourism concept SPA NATURE with test of hybrid-electric cars.

This is a week’s stay in 4 stars with full board (or half-board) worth 1141 euros.

You are asked to pay 33% of the amount upon confirmation of the availability of your booking form and the remaining 67% 45 days before your arrival date.

Indeed you have the option to choose the formula that suits you best namely full or half-board.

Anyone in the European Union who supports the protection of the environment with a green mind and wants to test hybrid-electric cars on our tourist routes in Portugal and Spain as well as in different circuits F1 internationals – Moto GP (2 f1 international circuits – Moto GP in Portugal and 4 in Spain).

Included in this stay:

– The two forms of full-board or half-board packages that are your choice;
– One or more cars rental from 5 to 9 seats for the group depending on the nameof people in the group;
– Our proposed accommodations which are apartments of tourist standing furnished between 2 to 4 rooms with hotel service (daily cleaning service) with proximity to the sea and/or with swimming pool in the tourist residence. The rooms of the apartments must be shared inbeing 2 people from your group.

Airfare is not included in this trip

On our tourist tours, you can enjoy hybrid-electric car tests on our test circuits, body treatments and massage in our Eco SPASNATURE, and you also participate in sightseeing tours with our guides as well as other many leisure activities that are organized for all tastes and for all age groups.

These are 6 test circuits on international circuits in F1 – motorcycle GPcircuit.

They take place in 6 regions in Lisbon and Algarve for Portugal then Andalusia, Valencia, Tarragona and Barcelona for Spain.


Eco-points are accumulated in your account when your affiliate validates and pays 33% of the amount of its booking.

You can convert your eco-points into cashable income each week

Each week, you can apply to convert your first 1000eco-points into cashable income of up to $1,000.

You can cash it in every week for an amount of 100 euros.

You can cash it in either by Paypalor by bank transfer each.

To earn eco-points, you just need to sign up for our affiliate system and promote our new ECOtourism concept SPA NATURE and ZEN to as many people aspossible.

Once registered, we provide you with all the information and tutorials necessary to allow you to recruit as many affiliates as possible and create your affiliate channel or tunnel. The bigger your chain, the more you win and that’s the key.


By logging into our plugin, you have real-time visibility on all the different moves on your affiliate account.

Our program entitles you to 4 different statutes:
Freelance Collaborators
Thiss different f statuses that you should know is that all these statutes are partners in our ecotourism program SPA NATURE and ZEN


AnEco-village is an agglomeration,with a perspective ofself-sufficiency based on two axes: an alternative economic model and a predominant place given toecology.

Eco-villages based mainly on ecology and agriculture;
Eco-villages based on a spiritual philosophy;
Eco-villages structured to revitalise sociability;


Others with broader goals based on the concepts of sustainability and equity.

An eco-village practices new or traditional ideas and techniques aimed at building a sustainable future. In short, the vocation of eco-villages is to implement an ecological and just collective way of life.


The range of possible activities in an eco-village is quite extensive. This diversity generates a local economy:


Organic farming, permaculture


Home, resourcing, training center (technical, ecological, …)


Business incubator meeting ecological and ethical criteria


The Eco Village economy can integrate a Local Exchange System that allows knowledge, goods and services to be acquired and exchanged without using money by comparing the various requests.
Each eco-villagehas its own orientation, sensitivity and functioning.

Eco-bungalows acquisitions

Your earnings accumulated in ”Eco bungalows’ bonuses accumulate in your capitalization by acquiring several Eco-bungalows with usufruit contract intourism rentwith receipt of your rents each month.

Usufruit is the right to use property owned by another natural or legal person and to collect monthly income from rental management. The right to usufruit is temporary for a period defined in a contract.


The rental rent is an average of 1000 euros/month.
The rental annuity starts from the first month of the accumulations of ‘eco bungalows bonuses’.


Even if the affiliate partner has still not accumulated the number of ‘Eco bungalows bonuses’ in order to acquire a contract of usufruit Eco bungalows, however the affiliate partner will already start cashing each month his rental pension on a pro-rata basis on the basis of the 2% monthly.
As for the affiliated partner, it does not provide any capital or application fees, even any other type of fee, since the acquisition of Eco-bungalowism is acquired only through the ‘Eco-bungalow bonuses’ all costs included.

Test hybrid or electric cars

By inviting people to enjoy a tourist holiday, we also give them the opportunity to test hybrid and electric cars.

This option is included in the holiday package (for a total amount of 1141 euros)and fully subsidized for the eco-guide and subsidized at 65% for the accompanying.


What kind of cars do we offer ?


These are cars of several brands and which are extremely expensive.
The eco-guide isthe person who allows good communication between the group and our teams.
During your stay, you are required to follow all the instructions communicated to you by our teams.

It is a program developed by the organization DEVELOPMENT UNION in association with the tour operator /travel agency MUNDIVIAGENS to allow selected people to take advantage of 100% subsidy for a one-week holiday stay in 4 stars with full pension worth 1141 euros with access to the SPA every day included and to test hybrid-electric cars.

To take part in the test, simply register byregistering for free on the available link on the registration page to this invitation and filling out the booking form.

To participate in this invitation, you only need to compile a list of a minimum of 4 people (including yourself) and a maximum of 15 people (including yourself). For this, please fill out the booking form sent to you in the 2nd automatic email once you sign up by only informing your email.

An informative tutorial is sent to you about this in the 2nd automatic email you receive after you register. You can also request it over the phone as any other additional information.

The booking is validated after verification:

– Let the booking form be filled out;
– The availability of our accommodations and hybrid-electric cars for the F1-GP motorcycle circuit.
– When we confirm availability, we attach a booking code to allow you to make the payment.
– You must make the payment of 33% of the amount of the value of the stay (amount after deduction of 65% of subsidies) of all persons accompanying the Eco guide (or the person invited to the car test whose stay is 100% subsidized; therefore he pays absolutely nothing) whose names appear on the booking form. We specify that the second part of the payment for the 67% of the value of the stay must be paid 45 days before the arrival date.

It is the eco-guide that is responsible for maintaining communication between the group and our teams.


He is also responsible for the cars made available to the group and also to ensure that our apartments in tourist residence are in good condition.


He is obliged to ensure that his group complies with the rules on the circuits, including that of responsible driving without taking risks, otherwise the person will be stripped of access to the car test after the 2nd warning, (2nd yellow card of circuit imposed by the official marshals). This rule is intended to secure all participants as well as cars so as not to damage them.

Eco-guide status

An Eco-guide is a person who is a partner in our ECOtourism PROGRAM SPA NATURE and ZEN who benefits from the 100% grant. He is the head of a group of at least 4 people (including himself) or a maximum of 15 people (including himself).

Anyone aged 18 and over who wants to promote our ECOtourism concept SPA NATURE and ZEN and who form groups of at least 3 people to promote our ecotourism.

As an Eco-guide, you are required to promote our ecotourism concept by forming a group of people to enjoy our trips on our NATURE and ZEN SPA tours.

This is a person who accompanies the eco-guide and whose name, address, contact information and signature appear on the Booking form for a holiday stay. This information is useful to ensure the safety of all people on the various tourist routes.

The minimum number is 3 people per group of travellers on our NATURE and ZEN SPA tours, plus the eco-guide.

The maximum number is 14 people per group of travellers on our NATURE and ZEN SPA tours, plus the eco-guide.


What allows us to offer subsidized stays ?


The free stay comes from the fact that they are subsidized by ecology, sponsorships of electric car brands and brands of bio and NATUREL products in food and cosmetics.

By becoming an Eco-guide, you benefit not only from the 100% subsidized holiday stay on our tourist routes, but also from eco-points, additional income, and the possibility of owning one or more bungalows and receive a monthly pension for the rest of your life.

Our program is an affiliate program that allows you to win:



Cashable income every week if you wish
Eco-bungalows whose accumulation is used for the purchase of bungalows on which you can collect a monthly rental rent for life.

Freelance Collaborator Status

A freelance collaborator is a partner person who receives a salary with a Freelance contract for remote digital work and the like as well as7benefits offered by our program.

The first advantage is the flexibility of your working time, you do it when you want and set yourself the number of hours you can work each day. Plus, you work from home, so all you need is a computer and an excellent Internet connection. From your publications, you will develop a chain or tunnel of affiliates and benefit from an income as well as a year-round holiday for you and for your whole family.


What are the freelance collaborator’s work tasks ?

At the moment it’s bot management but eventually it will be all the organizational and communication tasks

Our plan offers several benefits ranging from eco-points to holidays all year round to the possibility of collecting additional income through the conversion of your eco-points.


Eco-points that you accumulate every time you allow at least one person to take advantage of the 65% or 100% grant. Each time a person benefits registers and subscribes (in an eco-guide or accompanying position), you earn 200 eco-points: 1 eco-point plus 1 euro.


These eco-points can be used for extra costs on tourist routes and also convertible into income.
An additional monthly income of 400 euros from the conversion of your first 400 eco-points over the month.

For now his main task will be to start the bot.
Later other tasks include organizing and communicating with groups from his country and other countries for actions in ecotourism and ecology and also participating in the realization of Eco-villages.


Affiliation is a system of exchange or partnership between an affiliate that is still called an advertiser and an affiliate that is the broadcaster, in various forms of remuneration.
Overall affiliation is a means of acquiring traffic where the affiliate or the advertiser pays an affiliate when it brings back traffic.

Can be affiliated, anyone under the age of 18 minimum and wishing to create traffic for the promotion of the new ecotourism concept SPA NATURE and ZEN.

One is affiliated in the action of disseminating and publishing content or announcements for its promotion on social networks. On the other hand, you are affiliated when you join a program through an invitation received by its affiliate to allow an increase in the volume of traffic.

To become an affiliate, simply provide your email address on the registration page. We automatically receive an email to confirm which generates an affiliate link that we will pass on to others for their affiliation.

To create its network or tunnel of affiliates, it is enough to communicate its affiliate link to others when they register and communicate to them how to take advantage of the subsidies of 65% and 100% on our tourist stays.

The affiliate link gives you the ability to log into your affiliate account whenever you want, thanks to our plugin to track the evolution and movements of your eco-points/income account in real time.

The affiliate program is promoting and popularizing our new ECOtourism concept SPA NATURE and ZEN, with a view to raising awareness of the threat of destruction of our environment and its consequences on our lives to help “save the planet”.

Moreover, this program allows the gain of eco-points usable on tourist circuits (which allows families or groups of people to train on different techniques for the preservation of ecology), these eco-points are also converted into income but also eco-bungalows for the acquisition of bungalows on our eco-villages.

You can request the conversion of eco-points when on the account you already have a total of 400 eco-points.


This is only possible when the affiliates have confirmed the payment of their booking.

The eco-points received allow you to pay extra fees on the tourist circuit.

Theeco-points generated are used to finance:

-. 25% of the cost of your piloting course since it is subsidized at 75%.
-. 50% of the cost of our massage and body care services in NATURE and ZEN SPA, since it is 50% subsidized.
-. Between 50 and 75% of the cost of various services and tourism activities.

Our affiliate program simply works and is divided into 3 levels

It consists for an X affiliate to allow another person (affiliate Y) to register for its affiliate channel or tunnel by becoming an eco-guide of a group of up to 3 to 14 people.

In this case, the X affiliate collects 200 eco-points in its account. Note that 1 eco-point -1

Here it is the Y affiliate that affiliates or allows another person (Z-affiliated) to become an eco-guide of a group of up to 3 to 14 people.

At this point the affiliate X gagne 100 eco-points

The Y affiliate collects 200 eco-points

At this point it is the Z affiliate that allows another person to take advantage of the grant by becoming an eco-guide of his group of 3 to 14 people maximum.

In this example, the Affiliate X earns 50eco-points

The Y affiliate earns 100 eco-points
Z affiliate earns 200 eco-points