Invitation & registration stays ecotourism 100% subsidized

Welcome to our program with 4 ecotourism themes :

Hybrid & Electric Car Test on Formula 1 International Circuit – Moto GP
Massage and body care in our NATURE & ZEN SPA with organic cosmetics
Self-drive tours by hybrid & electric car, guided tour with our guides
Leisure activities for all ages


Discover our new ecotourism concept SPA NATURE é ZEN, for a stay 100% subsidized by the ecology, and the sponsorship of the brands with an invitation of a week 4 stars with a real value of 1141 euros (plane ticket not included), the objective being to discover this new concept (Program from 01-12-2019 to 31-12-2020)

We have an invitation number 100% subsidized and 65% subsidized to benefit people spread across the 28 countries of the European Union, with a quota to be distributed by country for tests hybrid-electric cars on the 6 international circuits F1 – Moto GP in Spain and Portugal.

Our association DEVELOPMENT UNION with our tour operator and our travel agencies MUNDIVIAGENS with 24 years of experience in Europe who manage together the organization of test stays hybrid-electric vehicle in Portugal and Spain in collaboration with dealers and brands.

What should you do to register ?

You just have to inform your mail to be able to receive the information in order to benefit from a stay ecotourism SPA NATURE & ZEN with massage and care of the body, with test hybrid-electric cars in circuit Formula 1 and in our tourist circuits, the whole stay 100% subsidized (for the guests we call Eco-guide) and subsidized at 65% for accompanying persons.

We confirm that your registration is free and free of charge.

Registration Form

Registration to benefit from 100% subsidized stay


Nature’s desire, organic and natural beauty

Access Sauna, Hammam and Jacuzzi in harmony NATURE & ZEN : half a day (4 hours) fare € 100, for 1 week (7 days) fare € 700.

Yoga in full NATURE garden ZEN, a day session (1 hour) € 20 rate, during 1 week (7 days) price € 140.

These services are included in the subsidized stay.

Care and massage ; people with the invitation discovered new concept SPA NATURE 1 ZEN receives 50% of subsidy on all our massages and body care of our SPA NATURE & ZEN.

Some examples of our massage and body care offers :

The session (+)
1 hour
€ 50 / grant 50% / € 25

Sweetness of Argan (+)
30 min
€ 35 / grant 50% / € 17,50

Slimming destination (+)
30 min
€ 38 / grant 50% / € 19

Foot reflexology (+)
30 min
€ 38 / grant 50% / € 19

Relaxation of the back (+)
30 min
€ 38 / grant 50% / € 19

Zen attitude (+)
30 min
€ 38 / grant 50% / € 19

Care “light legs” (+)
45 min
€ 55 / grant 50% / € 27.50

Relaxing stopover (+)
1 hour
€ 63 / grant 50% / € 31.50

Duo care
1 hour
€ 135 / grant 50% / € 67.50

Care cure Dr. Hauschka
€ 310 / grant 50% / € 155

Slimming destination (+)
€ 310 / grant 50% / € 155

Iyashi Dome – 5 sessions
€ 225 / grant 50% / € 112.50

Iyashi Dome – 10 sessions (+)
€ 450 / grant 50% / € 225

Relaxing stopover (+)
€ 530 / grant 50% / € 265

3 hours
€ 185 / grant 50% / € 92.50

5 hours
€ 297 / grant 50% / € 148.50

8 hours
€ 465 / grant 50% / € 232.50

10 hours
€ 560 / grant 50% / € 280

Polynesian Escape (+)
1 hour
€ 68 / grant 50% / € 34

Balinese Chinese Escape San Bao (+)
1 hour
€ 75 / grant 50% / € 37.50

Pacific Getaway (+)
1 hour
€ 75 / grant 50% / € 37.50

Relaxing Indian Excursion (+)
€ 85 / grant 50% / € 42.50

Divine Stopover (+)
€ 95 / grant 50% / € 47.50

Subtle Journey with Pochons (+)
€ 95 / grant 50% / € 47.50

African Safari Tonifying (+)
€ 95 / grant 50% / € 47.50

Our restaurants, entertainment, shows evenings in our ZEN gardens

Our eco-restaurants are buffet-free at will, with organic and natural dishes, making the most of local products and participating as much as possible in products from organic farming.

Our evening entertainment is different every night, the wonderful climate allows us all year in our gardens ZEN.

The fun animations are ideal to propose a moment of entertainment between family, group ! In the form of games for all ages, you will have a great time of entertainment.

Entertainment evenings, karaoke, children’s club, sports events, rhythm thanks to our artists, entertaining, original animations.

The various workshops are self-service and have a recreational value.

These services are included in the subsidized stay.

Our nurseries, entertainment & games teenager and child in our gardens ZEN.

Holiday club for children and teenagers. Activities Animations, leisures, games, nurseries.

These services are included in the subsidized stay.

Purpose of registration for this program :

This program aims to promote our new SPA NATURE & ZEN ecotourism concept with hybrid and electric car test for all those who want it.

It is also an opportunity to take advantage of eco points that will be used to finance your plane ticket, massages and body care, and especially a driving course that is very expensive with the most powerful hybrid-electric cars to the world of the most prestigious brands such as FERRARI, PORSCHE, MERCEDES, HONDA, LEXUS, BMW, TESLA, AUDI

You will be able to drive yourself the most powerful cars of these brands for a week

An internship of a full week that costs thousands of euros.

On the one hand, the cost of the internship is subsidized at 75% so you have to pay out of your pocket 25% remaining.

To finance this 25%, we propose a solution that works quickly: it’s our affiliate program. You will be able to earn 200 eco points each time a person will join under your affiliate code.

By publishing with this offer on social networks, YouTube, forum, and others, you can earn eco points to achieve this goal to fund 25% for the cost of your training course2

See our operation & affiliate program conditions.

Here are some links of videos on the places where we organize our whole program, on the 6 international circuits F1 – Moto GP, residences SPA and the cities / tourist seaside resorts, to visit with our tourist guides.

F1 International Circuit Video – Moto GP Motorland Aragon :

F1 International Circuit Video – Moto GP Barcelona :

Sightseeing tour of the city of Barcelona :

F1 International Circuit Video – Moto GP Estoril – Lisbon :

Sightseeing tour of the city of Lisbon :

F1 International Circuit Video – Moto GP Ricardo Tormo – Valencia :

Tourist tour of the city of Valencia :

Internship & baptism of driving in F1 International Circuit - Moto GP :

The most powerful hybrid cars with which you will be able to live your internship and baptism :

Baptism of piloting. Live a speed race ! Passenger in one of the most powerful cars in the world, the driver driving drives on 6 International Circuits F1 – Moto GP. You’re co-pilot to win, so get your adrenaline pumping !

An extraordinary flying multi-course on 6 International Circuits F1 – Legendary Moto GP ! You will experience a unique moment of driving at the wheel of the most powerful cars in the world, among a selection of the most prestigious brands where FERRARI, PORSCHE, LEXUS, MERCEDES, BMW, TESLA, HONDA, AUDI and NISSAN will be at the rendez-vous.

Embedded camera

Relive every moment of your experience with the movies of your baptism & internship.

A baptism discovered from the F1 track – Moto GP, welcome offered.

  Normal rate per tour 75% subsidy
Multi-brand test passenger cars co-pilot (4 laps) € 38 € 9,50
Test multi brands passenger cars, you are the pilot (4 laps) € 78 € 19,50
Baptism co-pilot (1 lap) € 60 à € 240 € 15 à € 60
Multi-flying flying course, you are the pilot (1 lap € 120 to € 480 € 35 to € 120
Multi-flying flying course, you're the pilot, half a day (4 hours with 12 laps € 1,440 to € 5,760 € 360 to € 1,440
Stage flying multi flying, you're the pilot, full day (8 hours with 24 laps tracks) € 2,880 to € 11,520 € 720 to € 2,880
Stage flying multi flying, you pilot, a week (5 days) half day € 7,200 to € 28,800 € 1,800 to € 7,200
Multi flying flying course, you pilot, one week (5 days) full day € 14,400 to € 57,600 € 3,600 to € 14,400

Registration Form

Registration to benefit from 100% subsidized stay

Hybrid-electric car test invitation FAQ

It is a program developed by the organization DEVELOPMENT UNION in association with tour operator / travel agency MUNDIVIAGENS to allow selected people to enjoy 100% subsidy for a week-long holiday in 4 stars with full board a value of 1141 euros with access to the SPA every day included and to test hybrid-electric cars.

Is included in this stay :

  • 2 formulas to know full board or half-board which are the choice ;
  • One or more car (s) rental from 5 to 9 seats for the group depending on the number of people in the group ;
  • Our proposed accommodation which are luxury tourist apartments furnished between 2 to 4 rooms with hotel service (daily cleaning service) with proximity to the sea and / or with swimming pool in the tourist residence. The rooms of the apartments must be shared between 2 people in your group.

Airfare is not included in this stay

It is a stay of 5 to 10 days and you can enjoy it for the second consecutive time as long as you consider the condition to bring 3 new people during your stay, since the goal is to discover our new Eco NATURE SPA eco-tourism concept with hybrid-electric car test.

This is a week stay in 4 stars with full board (or half board) worth 1141 euros.

Indeed you have the opportunity to choose the formula that suits you best to know full board or half board.

Anyone from the European Union who is friendly to the environment and who wants to test hybrid-electric cars on our tour in Portugal and Spain as well as in various international F1 – Moto GP (2 F1 international circuits – Moto GP in Portugal and 4 in Spain).

On our tours, you benefit from the tests of hybrid-electric cars on our test circuits, body care and massage in our Eco SPAS NATURE, and you also participate in tours with our guides and other activities leisure activities that are organized for all tastes and for all age groups.

It consists of 6 test circuits on international circuits in F1 – moto GP circuit.

They take place in 6 regions in Lisbon and Algarve for Portugal then Andalusia, Valencia, Tarragona and Barcelona for Spain.

To participate in the test, simply register by registering for free on the link available on the registration page for this invitation and fill out the booking form.

To participate in this invitation, you just have to make a list of 4 people minimum (yourself included) and 15 people maximum (yourself included). For that, thank you to fill the form reservation which is sent to you in the 2nd automatic mail once you register by informing only your email.

An informative tutorial is sent to you in the 2nd automatic email that you receive after your registration. You can also request it by phone like any other complementary information.

Only the person at the head of the group we call eco-guide receives the 100% subsidy while the other people named the companions receive 65% of subsidy.

The reservation is validated after verification :

  • That the reservation form is well filled ;
  • The availability of our homes and hybrid-electric cars for the F1 circuit – moto GP.
  • When confirming our availability, we enclose a reservation code to enable you to make the payment.
  • You must realize the payment of the 33% of the amount of the value of the stay (amount after deduction of the 65% of subsidies) of all the persons who accompany the Eco guide (or the person invited to the test car whose stay is subsidized to 100%, therefore it pays absolutely nothing) whose names appear on the booking form. We specify that the second part of the payment concerning the 67% of the amount of the value of the stay must be paid 45 days before the date of arrival.

You are required to pay 33% of the amount upon confirmation of the availability of your booking form and the remaining 67%, 45 days prior to your arrival date.

It is the eco-guide who is responsible for maintaining communication between the group and our teams.


He is also responsible for the cars available to the group and also to ensure that our apartments in tourist residence are in good condition.


He is obliged to ensure the respect of rules by his group on the circuits in particular that of a responsible behavior without taking risk otherwise the person will be removed the access to the test of car after the 2nd warning, (2nd yellow card circuit imposed by the official track marshals). This rule aims to secure all participants and cars to avoid damaging them.