Chapter 1: Presentation of our organization

1. What are the objectives of the grant for our special 14-week package?

There are several objectives:
Provide members with a healthy and peaceful environment, far from the epidemic and stress.
Discover a way of life based on ecology, mutual aid, prevention and protection against epidemic risk
Keep our members away from the risk of contamination.

2.How to escape the VIRUS?

Faced with the current epidemic risk alert, we have chosen to develop, with our partner MUNDIVIAGENS, TOUR OPERATOR based in Portugal, prevention solutions protection against epidemic risk and within the framework of sustainable development during long stays for seniors and their families, with 13 weeks 100% subsidized with the objective of enabling friends and family members to make themselves useful in our solidarity aid chain.
The epidemic risk prevention plan implemented concerns all aspects of daily life: the management of premises, meals, our teams and support for beneficiary members. It offers our members a stress-relieving activity program to best support our members in the face of the current health crisis.

3. Who are we / What do we do?

We are an Organization for Sustainable Development with an Ecotourism Club. Our mission is to raise awareness of environmental protection and help take useful measures to fight global warming.
Currently, our efforts are focused on protection against the epidemic, for the most vulnerable, especially the elderly.
Our network of travel agencies created in 1995 has acquired 25 years of experience with a team specialized in tourism for more than 4 decades. A group of associations for sustainable development is carrying out actions for ecology and especially, at the moment, for protection against the virus, with our Ecotourism Club.

4. What do we offer?

These are “long-term” stays with our 14-week subsidized package formula in Portugal and Spain.

5. What is our mission?

Raise awareness of environmental protection, participate and contribute to useful measures against global warming.
Mainly, in this period of serious health crisis, we are fighting against the spread of the virus by implementing an anti-contamination program.
This new “antivirus” program allows you to benefit from the 14-week package formula, the first week of which is offered to you at 980 euros and the remaining 13 weeks 100% subsidized by our solidarity and mutual aid chain.

6. How do we do it?

Families and groups subscribe to our offer by registering on the site with a reference code “anti-contamination program” which is sent to them. Each member can sponsor several people and thus validate additional free weeks.
Once registered, these people called “godchildren” will benefit from the 14 weeks package formula.

7. What is the purpose of our organization?

Several purposes in our Organization for Sustainable Development with our Ecotourism Club:
a-. Useful holidays, with the following objectives:
– promote access to “long term” stays for our members
– that our members benefit from the many advantages of the “anti-contamination program” and are involved as little as possible during their stays in actions for prevention, well-being and peace of mind for everyone.
b-. Our Organization for Sustainable Development, with the following objectives:
– Implementation of exceptional means to fight against this health crisis: industrial cleaning teams who follow very strict disinfection procedures, recommended by WHO, for the premises and all the equipment used or available as well as measures to ‘hygiene improved for the preparation and delivery of meals provided to occupants.
Our “organization for sustainable development” also has plans to build several tourist eco-villages, all within the framework of sustainable development by boosting job creation.
c- Our Organization offers training:
Our organization offers all of our training in several languages in Portugal and Mexico.

8. Want a useful and unforgettable vacation?

a. Useful holidays:
Useful holidays represent a commitment around a united, cultural, environmental project in which one can get involved during a period of free time. The objective is to progress for personal development while contributing to a project useful for the environment.
b. Our mission :
Develop alternatives with the involvement of families and groups so that everyone can benefit from holiday and leisure activities organized according to an inclusive and participative approach leading them to become actors of their holidays and leisure.
Our main purposes are:
Introduce useful holidays to families and groups of associations and sports clubs,
Defend the values of a great human adventure based on tolerance, living together, mutual aid and solidarity.

Chapter 2: Anti-contamination program

1. Who can benefit from it?

Any person or group wishing to flee the health crisis and live in maximum conditions of prevention, hygiene and security.

2. Can we finance the first week of the 14-week long stay senior package in eco-points?

20 eco-point coupons of 50 eco-points each will allow you to finance the first week of your 14-week package.

3. If the number of participants is more than 10 people, how can I benefit from eco-points?

If the number of people in your group is greater than 10 people, the number of reservations will be made. For each registration of sponsored guest (s), simply indicate in the comment space of the booking form, the contact details and beneficiary guest references of the group leader. This information will be validated by telephone and email following the validation of each registration.

4. Is there a WiFi service, if so under what conditions?

Yes in 4G

5. What drinks are included in full board?

1 aperitif + 1 bottle of wine ¾ liter for 2 people or 2 beers 33 cl of your choice

6. What is the requirement for airline tickets?

The outbound air ticket is included.
For the return ticket, 1 plane ticket = 1 eco-point coupon (if the ticket does not exceed 200 euros, otherwise the number of eco-point coupon will be necessary to make up the amount of the plane ticket)

Chapter 3: Advantages of building the “anti-contamination” stay chain

1. The spirit of our ecotourism / anti-contamination club:

The activities are carried out in a spirit of family respectful of the environment, a friendly atmosphere and in a dynamic of collaboration.

2. Collect and benefit from eco-points

The eco-points received allow you to pay for the extras on site.
You earn eco-points, with our invitation formula for new members, this generates “eco-sponsors” 300 eco-points for each person invited and the possibility of benefiting from our 14-week package with 13 weeks 100% subsidized. 1 eco-point corresponds to the value of 1 euro. With these eco-points, everyone can use all the services & activities and buy plane tickets.

Chapter 4: The sponsorship program.

1. Who can be a member?

Can be a member, any adult and willing to get involved in our mission to educate the public about protecting the environment, to participate and help take all the necessary measures to fight against global warming and change , creating a chain for “anti-contamination” stays.

2. How do you become a member?

After registration, an email with confirmation of your registration and your member reference code will be sent to you. This can be used to invite other people and increase the solidarity chain and finance the 13 weeks 100% subsidized.

3. Termination of the member’s membership

The organization reserves all rights to cancel a member’s membership in the following cases:
a.- concerning the promotion of our “anti-contamination” chain stays program in ecotourism villages.
b.- non-compliance with the prevention and protection rules concerning the risks of an epidemic during the stay.
c.- a minimum of involvement and collaboration during “anti-contamination” stays for the prevention, well-being and safety of all.

4. What does the “godchild” invitation program consist of?

It consists in promoting our new ecotourism Club concept, in order to make more people aware of the threat of destruction of our environment and its consequences on our lives so that together we can help “save the planet” and above all adopt the right preventive actions in the face of the epidemic.
Consequently, the people who create our chain for the promotion of our new concept of ecotourism Club, receive eco-points which will allow them to benefit from “long-term” stays in our ecotourism villages and to participate in prevention against virus.

4. What do you gain from sponsorship?

You earn eco-point coupons.
1 sponsorship = 6 coupons of 50 eco-points each, making a total of 300 eco-points that allow you to validate a 100% subsidized week as part of the 14-week senior long stay package.
Value of 1 eco-point = 1 euro
Those under 18 can benefit from eco-point coupons accumulated by a member of their family.

5. What are the conditions for acquiring eco-point coupons?

To acquire eco-points, simply communicate to your guests your beneficiary guest reference which he provides when registering via the booking form.
Once your reservation is registered with this reference, validated and paid, you benefit from the balance of 300 eco-points on your account.
After purchasing their first 14-week package for € 980, your guest will receive a beneficiary guest reference. This will allow him, then, to acquire eco-points with his sponsorships.

6. How is the funding for the 13 weeks subsidized in the absence of sponsorship and Eco points?

In the absence of sponsorship and Eco points the subsidized week in full board, hiking activities, gardening, Yoga, protection against epidemic risk, one-way plane ticket is offered at € 294 per person the week.

Chapter 5 : Operation of the 14 weeks package formula for the price of one week

1. What is the price of the 14 week package?

The package price is 980 euros and you get 13 weeks 100% subsidized.
Therefore you will have a total of 14 weeks = 98 days, or 10 euros per day.

2. How is it possible to have 14 weeks for the price of 1 week?

We benefit from various grants in the field of ecology and ecotourism and we have several sponsorships for all of the brands we use.
Since the beginning of MARCH 2020, we have switched and used these subsidies on long-term “Anti-contamination” stays.
All this allows us to be able to offer our packages at prices 10 times more economical than the normal price of a tour operator.

3. Where to go with our 14 week “Anti-contamination” package

You can go to Spain and Portugal.

4. What services are included in the special 14 weeks “Anti-contamination” package?

One-way plane ticket, 5 to 9-seater car, accommodation in villa with 4G Wi-Fi, individual garden, full-board services, hiking guides, gymnastics, fitness and yoga activities, vegetable and flower gardening in its private garden.

Chapter 6: Price and condition of the 14 week package

1. What is the value of the 14 week package?

The 14 weeks package is purchased at a price of 980 euros.
This is an exceptional offer granted to anyone for 980 euros equivalent to 10 euros per day

2. What is included and not included in the amount of 980 euros for the “anti-contamination” stay?

It includes accommodation in a house, 2 to 4 bedrooms, with private garden with full board, one-way plane ticket, rental car, gym and nature yoga activities, hiking, gardening.
Therefore, we point out that all of these services will cost in our 14 weeks package formula, ie 98 nights 10 euros per night.