Grant conditions

Grant ecotourism:

They can benefit from the 40% subsidy for all packages of the vacation club tours organized with the team of our development UNION Association.In addition we will enjoy a free vacation package for every four (4) Tourists traveling together the beneficiary tip called The “Godfather Vacation Club” that will be responsible for your group of tourists for good organization and communication with our team of our association and leave the property in good standing as shown in the special condition of “Godfather Vacation Club. ”


The number of vacation club packages that can benefit each week of the year are limited and are subject to the availability of our accommodation association. Ours act for ecological and cultural tourism, responsible tourism and sustainable development.


The condition can benefit from the assignment and release our club vacation packages must be a member of our association, registration is free and renewed every year, you just have to complete and submit a form by mail with only the data you need. Special travel assumption of our association.


Being a member of our association does not require specific conditions, accepting and appreciating our part in ecological and cultural tourism, responsible tourism and sustainable development are :


• Part of our rental vehicles from 5 places up to 9 seats are electric, but you can choose a gasoline car, if you prefer.
• We use our various trips, small boats 7 electric seats, sea electric scooter, ATV, electric bike electric scooter.
• We agree and agree with restaurants that use a maximum speed of local products and organic farming products, always with the aim of being friendly to the environment.
• We approach the city and the local countryside, always with great respect, valuing their culture, their traditions, and to do the work of the local economy with our vacation club packages. More than one visit, it is a true meeting between tourists and locals that allows you to discover a city and the region in a less formal way and, especially, to reach the heart of local life.
• In our tour of them, what they want to do and there is no opportunity to visit some organizations dedicated to planting trees in nurseries that are going to plant later in forestry regeneration afforestation, if they want and you really like this kind of actions for The environment could participate and spend time with the team of this association. Some associations also offer lunch in a pleasant environment of their beautiful spot of nature in their nursery or in the forest for a friendly moment among people with nature right in their heart.