Freelance Collaborators

Collaborator is a partner or a person who enjoys an additional income with a Freelance contract for remote digital work and the like set as well as the 7 benefits offered.

The first advantage is the flexibility of your working time, you do it when you want and set yourself the number of hours you can work each day. Plus, you work from home, so all you need is a computer and an excellent Internet connection. From your publications, youwill develop a chain or tunnel of affiliates and benefit from an income as well as a year-round holiday for you and for your whole family.

Our plan offers several benefits and benefits ranging fromeco-professionals to holidays all year round to the possibility of collecting additional income through the conversion of your eco-points.

– Eco-points that you accumulate every time you allow at least one person to take advantage of the 100% vacation grant for the eco-guide and 65% for the attendants. Each time a person benefits registers and subscribes (in an eco-guide or accompanying position), you earn the following eco-points:
You earn in 1st affiliated level 200 eco points.
You earn in 2nd level affiliated 100 eco points.
You earn in 3rd level affiliated 50 eco points.
1 eco-point = 1 euro.


These eco-points can be used for extra costs on tourist routes and also convertible into income of up to 400 eco-points in 400 euros (1 eco-point – 1 euro), the rest to be used in eco-points.
An additional monthly income of 400 euros from the conversion of your 400 eco-points.


Eco-points accumulate in the affiliation program account when an affiliate travels in an eco-guide position whose payment of 33% of the booking amount is made by the group with which it will travel.


Eco-bungalows: beyond 400 eco-points to cash in cash each week and beyond, some of the rest of your eco-points are to be used in tourist services,and the other part of your eco-points to allow you to buya bungalow in an eco-tourist village and allow you to collect an annuity monthly rental for ever.

All you need to do is make a book for a group of people (3 to 14 people maximum) yourself.

Only the eco-guide benefits from the 100% grant, the others who are the attendants benefit from 65% of subsidies and must pay the remaining 35% out of their own pocket.