You can benefit from 4 types of statuses with our organization:

– Eco-guide
– Employees
– Employees
– Member of our associations

Eco-guide status:

An Eco-guide is a person who is a partner in our ECOTOURISM PROGRAM SPA NATURE & ZEN who benefits from the 100% grant. He is the head of a group of at least 4 people (including himself) or a maximum of 15 people (including himself).

Anyone aged 18 and over who wishes to benefit from our free stays is required to set up groups of at least 3 people to promote our ecotourism.

As an Eco-guide, you are required to promote our ecotourism concept by forming a group of people to enjoy our trips on our NATURE & ZEN SPA tours.

All you need to do is make a book for a group of people (3 to 14 people maximum) yourself.

Only the eco-guide benefits from the 100% grant, the others who are the attendants benefit from 65% of subsidies and must pay the remaining 35% out of their own pocket.

Every person who comes in the position of eco-guide, accompanying a small group, be it his family, his friends, or even people he has known through social networks and unite to share together a nice trip in ecotourism in the world.

Simply by finding companions around you and especially more easily through social networks in all countries of the world to find yourself in a destination on holiday for a week, thanks to you in the position of eco-guide these they will also benefit from the 65% grant, and they will also be able to benefit from eco-guide status.

The minimum number is 3 people per group of travelers on our NATURE & ZEN SPA tours, plus the eco-guide.

The maximum number is 14 people maximum per group of travelers on our NATURE & ZEN SPA tours, plus the eco-guide.

The stay is free for the eco-guide to be 100% funded by grants for ecology, brands of electric cars and also brands of bio and NATUREL products in food and cosmetics. For the attendants it is subsidized at 65%.

This is a person who accompanies the eco-guide and whose name, address, contact information and signature appear on the Booking form for a holiday stay.

Every time you allow a person to become an eco-guide, he becomes affiliate of the chain or tunnel you create, all will earn eco-points on 3 levels and this has huge benefits, such as being able toown a bungalow.