Affiliated status

Affiliation is a system of exchange or partnership between an affiliate that is still called an advertiser and an affiliate that is the broadcaster, this with various modes of profit with the 7 advantages.


Overall affiliation is a means of acquiring traffic where the affiliate or the advertiser pays an affiliate when it brings back traffic.

This is a person who is part of our program to affiliate the new ECOtourism concept SPA NATURE and ZEN following another person who would have sent him the registration link and which includes his affiliate link.


To allow you to increase the number of your affiliates and thus develop your affiliate chain or tunnel, we offer at your disposal a tool called the Whatsapp Bot that will allow you to make every day hundreds and thousands of publications, which will have the positive feedback to generate a significant number of eco-points on your account each month still automatic benefits thanks to the 3 levels that allows you to quickly multiply the number of affiliates under his reference.

Terms of membership

Can be affiliated, anyone under the age of 18 minima and wishing to create traffic for the promotion of the new ecotourism concept SPA NATURE and ZEN.

One is affiliated in the action of disseminating and publishing content or announcements for its promotion on social networks. On the other hand, you are affiliated when you join a program through an invitation received by its affiliate to allow an increase in the volume of traffic.

To become an affiliate, simply provide your email address on the registration page. We automatically receive an email to confirm which generates an affiliate link that we will pass on to others for their affiliation.

To create its network or tunnel of affiliates, it is enough to communicate its affiliate link to others when they register and communicate to them how to take advantage of the subsidies of 65% and 100% on our tourist stays.

The affiliate link gives you the ability to log into your affiliate account whenever you want, thanks to our plugin in order to track in real time the evolution andmovements of your eco-points or income account.

How the affiliation works

The affiliate program is promoting and popularizing our new Ecotourism concept SPA NATURE & ZEN, with a view to raising awareness of the threat of destruction of our environment and its consequences on our lives together. help “save the planet.”


In addition, this program allows the gain of eco-points usable on tourist circuits (which allows families or groups of people to train on different techniques for the preservation of ecology), these eco-points are also convertible into income but also into eco-bungalows for the acquisition of bungalows on our eco-villages.

Simply by finding companions around you and especially more easily through social networks in all countries of the world to find yourself in a destination on holiday for a week, thanks to you in the position of eco-guide these they will also benefit from the 65% grant, and they will also be able to benefit from eco-guide status.

You can request the conversion of eco-points when on the account you already have a total of 400 eco-points.

This is possible when the affiliates have confirmed the payment of their booking.

The eco-points received allow you to pay extra fees on the tourist circuit.

Theeco-points generated are used to finance:
-. 25% of the cost of your piloting course since it is subsidized at 75%.
-. 50% of the cost of our massage and body care services in NATURE and ZEN SPA, since it is 50% subsidized.
-. Between 50% and 75% of the cost of various services and tourism activities.

Our affiliate program simply works and is divided into 3 levels

1st Affiliate Level

It consists for an Affiliate X to allow another person (affilié Y) to register for his chain or tunnel of affiliation, to be able to immediately benefit from a holiday stay 100% subsidized by becoming eco-guide of a group of 3 to 14 people maximum.
In this case, the X affiliate collects 200 eco-points in its account. Note that 1 eco-point -1


2nd Affiliate level

Here it is the Y affiliate that affiliates or allows another person (Z-affiliated) to become an eco-guide of a group of up to 3 to 14 people.
At this point the affiliate X earns 150 eco-points
The Y affiliate collects 200 eco-points


3rd Affiliate level

At this point it is the Z affiliate that allows another person to take advantage of the grant by becoming an eco-guide of his group of 3 to 14 people maximum.

In this example, the X affiliate earns 50 eco-points
The Y affiliate earns 150 eco-points
Z affiliate earns 200 eco-points