About Us / What do we do

We are an Ecotourism Organization whose mission is to raise awareness of environmental protection, to participate and to contribute to take useful measures to combat global warming and climate change.


If you are one of the people in favour of “saving the planet”, you can be selected for an invitation to discover our tourists’ circuits, a NATURE and ZEN SPA with massages and body treatments with bio-natural products, to get a few hybrid-electric cars with different models or brands on our ecotourism tours but also to enjoy the different themed activities that are for all tastes and for all ages.


We give you the opportunity to promote Ecotourism by becoming a collaborator and to be able to automatically benefit from eco-guide status in the new ecotourism program in the world.

We have been working to promote ecotourism on our tourist routes in Spain and Portugal mainly for the continent Europe for 24 years and from 2020 in all 5 continents with 56 countries.

This new ecotourism program in the world allows to benefit from 100% subsidized holiday stays for employees who will benefit from eco-guide status, the number of 100% subsidized holidays (100% FREE) is unlimited until 31-12-2020 with its situation to consider and positive communication with our teams of voluntary members and our employees of our organization.

We recruit people like you to whom we offer a Freelance contract, who through social networks, will make posts on social networks by reaching as many people as possible for the promotion of our new ecotourism concept SPA NATURE & ZEN.

The actions are of several kinds and we will list a few :


2.1. Planting several trees around the world.
The goal for our association is to plant one million trees within 5 years to absorb the huge amount of CO2 available in our environment.
2.2. Popularisation of the use of electric cars
On our tourist tours, we offer people to test several hybrid and electric cars. The aim is to allow many to opt for the electric car when they next purchase their car, which will also have a huge impact on the reduction of the amount of CO2.
2.3. Training and educating people about the need to protect our environment
2.4. The possibility of allowing families and groups of people to enjoy healthy spaces to recreate and rest.
This is the purpose of our tourist tours where we offer subsidized stays to allow us to find ourselves in magical spaces and gardens and rest.
2.5. The realization of permaculture
This will allow the teaching of certain cultural techniques to have organic food
2.6. The creation of several jobs in the field of ecotourism with the establishment in the coming days of the first University of Ecotourism
2.7. The development of several cells of our Organization in nearly 56 countries around the world, namely the 28 countries of the European Union but in addition to 28 other countries from the other 4 continents.
2.8. The construction of eco-villages for the extension of the construction of green houses.


These eco-villages will be divided into two parts:

The 1st party will be able to provide housing for families with homeless children,
The other part will be used for the accommodation of tourists who have come from all over the world for a stay of 5 to 7 days on our tourist tours, for a monthly rental rent.

It is a tourism centered on the discovery of nature, respecting the environment and the local culture.

Our organisation DEVELOPMENT UNION really wants to launch its activities in early 2020 in 56 countries, 28 countries of the European Union and 28 others spread across all continents,

Eco-villages will be built in several regions of each country, which involves the opening of more than 200 departments for a total of more than 300 different trades in all areas necessary for the study and construction of eco-villages as well as for their management. This is possible thanks to grants from the ecology and sponsorships of electric car brands as well as the brands of natural and organic products we benefit from.

It is therefore crucial for us to have local people in positions of responsibility and self-management because each country will operate independently in close collaboration with the parent company. This is an opportunity for us to select these people through this test that we give you because we want to have autonomous people capable of self-management.

The restaurant and hospitality trades
Trades in tourism services and entertainment,events
The construction trades (eco-village construction)
Logistics (transportation)
Theoffice trades, BPO Outsourcing
Many specializations in digital
Agriculture BIO

You can have 4 types of statuses with our organization:
As eco-guides, Freelance collaborators, employees and members.
You can have multiple statuses.


As an Eco-guide, you are required to promote our ecotourism concept by forming a group of 3 to 14 people to enjoy our trips on our SPA NATURE and ZEN tours.

A collaborator is a person who benefits from additional income with a Freelance contract for remote digital work and the like set of 7 benefits.

An employee is a person who works on an indefinite contract and receives a salary and the 7 benefits offered.
Member of the association

As a member of the association, you can carry out different ecological activities and also enjoy the 7 benefitsoffered.
It is possible for you to start either with the status of collaborator or by the status of member of the association with a view to also participating in the construction of several eco-villages in several countries and regions and everyone can contribute their stone for the construction of this beautiful building of our development program.

These benefits include:

1.- Solution and action against pollution to “save the planet”;
2.- Solution for a monthly supplemental income for our employees;
3.- Solution to access holidays for our employees;
4.- Solution to obtain organic vegetables and fruits every week for our employees;
5.- Natural wellness and health solution for our employees;
6.- Solution to become owner of an Eco-bungalow in an eco-village ecotourism for our employees;
7.- Solution against the stress of families in the city (thanks to the weekend getaway and holiday in our eco-villages ecotourism) for our employees.

Our program offers for many, an excellent career plan as well as a stable professional future in 56 countries. In our organization, all profiles are welcome and we value them all on merit. Your professional development depends in large part on your attitude and professional discipline. All the positions in the organization of our organization are to be filled and it is each thanks to its capacities of initiative, project management, team management that will be able to achieve this according to these professional values.