How & conditions of our affiliate program

Welcome to our 100% eco-tourism & 65% subsidized stay affiliation program.

Affiliation with 3 levels to earn your eco-points:

  1. You win in 1st level affiliate 200 eco points.
  2. You win in 2nd level affiliate 100 eco points.
  3. You win in 3 ° level affiliate 50 eco points.

These 3 affiliation levels allow you to create your tunnel / affiliate network under your reference, thanks to these 3 levels, you will always earn more eco points every time your tunnel / affiliate network grows (with the reference of the affiliate that you yourself affiliated with your reference).

Our multilevel affiliation program (in 3 levels) is not a pyramid scheme, it is totally different, no amount of money is required.

Our multilevel affiliation program is 100% free for our affiliates thanks to the eco-guide status by benefiting from the 100% subsidy for a week-long holiday discovering new ecotourism concept.


When are eco-points earned by a new affiliate under your reference / affiliate link confirmed?


From the moment your new affiliate has confirmed his Booking form with the advantage of benefiting from the 100% subsidized holiday stay with a minimum of 3 accompanying persons who benefit from 65% of subsidy.

To finance your plane ticket (which is not included in the stay 100% subsidized), the set of services (massages & body care + piloting courses in circuit formula 1, as well as the various services & tourist activities that offers our tour operator / travel agency).

By making publications with this offer on social networks, YouTube, forum, and others, you will be able to earn eco points to achieve this goal to finance the various services & tourist activities of the stay subsidized for you to 100%:

  • Air ticket.
  • The cost of your training course is also subsidized at 75%, you must pay 25% of the price.
  • The cost of our massages & body care services in SPA NATURE & ZEN, is also subsidized at 50%, you must pay 50% of the price.
  • The cost of various services & tourist activities is also subsidized between 50 and 75%, you will have to pay the rest of the price.

All subsidized by ecology and sponsorships in the area of ​​ecology as part of our new SPA NATURE & ZEN ecotourism concept.

Turn your eco-points into salary every week


We give you the possibility, if you wish, that you can choose the option to transform some of your eco-points in the form of salary, cashable each week.

You can convert your eco-points into weekly income, up to a maximum of 1,000 € equivalent to 1,000 eco-points or 4,000 € in monthly income equivalent to 4,000 eco-points, the rest of your eco-points to use in tourist services and tourism real estate acquisition with monthly rental income with our eco-bungalows in our tourist ecovillages.



You also earn eco-affiliates that match the number of affiliates you will have in 1st, 2nd and 3rd level.

Thanks to your eco-affiliates, you will receive many invitations every month to numerous leisure activities, parties and shows for all tastes and all ages, whether parties, days and even weekends.

Also, invitations to conferences and many professional training in various digital business, many office, tourism, management with ISO 9001 certification, organic agriculture, and others.

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