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We are the travel agency MUNDIVIAGENS created in 1995 in Portugal and with 24 years of existence and experience with many thematic tours in dozens of cities in Spain and Portugal.


We confirm you with the TRAVEL AGENCY PROFESSIONAL GUARANTEE, that in this offer, there is no commercial action, during your stay you will not have to attend the presentation of any type of sale of products – services for sale, or other .

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Reservation date in Algarve - Portugal on ecotourism tour SPA NATURE

The length of stay possible to benefit from our discovery offer new concept ecotourism SPA NATURE, is between 5 to 10 days / nights.

Once this booking form has been received, we will return you to give you an answer on the availability of your chosen date.

Payment conditions for the entire group :

1st payment from the group booking confirmation : 33% of the amount is … euros

2nd payment before 45 days from the date of arrival of the group : 67% of the amount is … euros

We will send you the bank details of our travel agency MUNDIVIAGENS in Portugal once we return the confirmation of the dates requested for your stay.

Types of accommodation offered for our stays ecotourism circuit SPA NATURE

Our accommodations are luxury tourist apartments furnished between 2 to 4 rooms with hotel service (daily cleaning service) with proximity to the sea and / or with swimming pool in the tourist residence. The rooms of the apartments must be shared between 2 people in your group, so if necessary the sofa bed in the living room can be used for 2 people, in case of need.

Daily rate of our stays in full board and half board

NOTICE : It is not included the airfare in our rates stays, you are free to buy it with our travel agency or directly to an airline.

It is included in the 2 formulas, one or car (s) rental 5 to 9 seats for the group.
* Enter this for the chosen formula : We confirm to choose this formula in
Full board rate : € 163 all taxes included – 1 Day / Night (Air ticket not included)
Grant of 65% for 2 stays : € 105 TTC – 1 Day / Night
Price corresponding to the 35% to pay : € 57 TTC – 1 Day / Night (Air ticket not included)

*Formula chosen full board :

Half board rate : 138 € all taxes included – 1 Day / Night (Air ticket not included)
Grant of 65% for 2 stays : € 89 TTC – 1 Day / Night
Price corresponding to 35% to pay : € 48 TTC – 1 Day / Night (Air ticket not included)

* Formula chosen in half-board :

Booking reference

It will be communicated to you once the form is well filled and that we confirm the availability of your chosen date of stay

Bank reference of our travel agency MUNDIVIAGENS

The payment of the stay of the group is carried out by bank transfer, our bank reference will be communicated to you once the form well filled and that we confirm you the availability of your chosen date of stay. It will be necessary to realize a single bank transfer in the name of the person in position of the Eco-guide.

Terms and conditions of booking form MUNDIVIAGENS

1-. Penalty for late payment of 20% for the second payment of 67% between the 45th day and the 30th day before date of arrival.
2-. Once the 30th day before arrival date, any non-payment of the second payment of 67%, automatically cancels your stay, the part of the 33% already paid is non-refundable.
3-. Termination insurance : € 39,50 for a stay of maximum 10 days (plane ticket not included)

General condition Eco-guide

The Eco-guide, receives a 100% subsidy, for an invitation to a stay of 5 to 10 days / nights with the choice of full board or half-board, depending on what everyone chooses and pays for group.


(The value of a week of 7 Days / Nights in 4 stars is 1141 euros, full board with car rental, 6 half days in SPA, all inclusive).


The objective is to come and test hybrid and electric cars, while discovering our new concept in ecotourism circuit SPA NATURE, you will have to accompany a group of minimum 3 people traveling to Lisbon, Algarve in the south of Portugal and Andalusia, you must agree to be responsible for your group, you will be during your stay with the position of the status “Eco-guide”.

Responsibility of the Eco-guide

The Eco-guide is responsible for the group with which he travels, for a good organization and communication with our teams of our tour operator / travel agency and our Ecotourism association. The Eco-guide will therefore take care of the various models and brands of vehicles made available for testing, such as cars, motorcycles, scooters and electric quads made available to the group while leaving our homes in good condition. . These are expensive vehicles.

General condition of accompanying persons of the Eco-guide

The condition for all accompanying persons traveling with the Eco-guide, who benefit from the grant of 65% for a set of 2 stays discovered in our concept NATURE ecotourism SPA with test of the various hybrid and electric cars, is to realize its second stay in Eco-guide position in order to reduce to at least 3 new people from this group.


Also each person who makes a stay in Eco-guide, that it goes well with the communication between our teams in charge of the various activities and thematic animation for all the ages and the tastes, you will be able to benefit from continuing to profit from this Eco-guide status unlimited until the end of our program on 31-12-2020, date indicated in the website of our tour operator / travel agency MUNDIVIAGENS.

Number of people (adult and child) maximum for group travel

Knowing that you have the possibility to be 15 people in total in your group (the Eco-guide plus 14 people), therefore we put you below 15 times the list of contact details to be completed for each adult – children.

Our informative WEB on our new eco-tourism concept SPA NATURE

The web in which you have all the information to our program new concept ecotourism SPA NATURE with the management of our tour operator / travel agency MUNDIVIAGENS and also the management of our ecotourism association DEVELOPMENT UNION, whose web is the following :

Booking form mundiviagens

You have 15 forms for 15 people (Adults and Children) to fill.
Fill in the details of each person (Adults and children).
We invite you to inform the ages of the people for a better organization and distribution of the houses as well as the management of the activities / leisures by age group, for families with young children, etc …
It is necessary that each adult (from 18 years) signs in the box mention

Type of formula *


I accept the terms and conditions of this booking form Signature : *

Informations légales

Tour operator / travel agency MUNDIVIAGENS
Registration in the register of operators : RNAVT 2147
Tax Number: 503572446
R. of Portugal No. 2, 8000-281 Faro, Portugal
Tel number: 0033 (0) 9 70 70 88 30

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