About us ?


Adresse : Portugal Street No. 2, 8000-281 Faro, Portugal

Antiquity MUNDIVIAGENS our travel agency


Ecotourism Partner : Union Development Association


Information about our travel agency with 24 years of existence and experience in the tourist circuits of Spain and Portugal.

Established on 11/10/1995

Tax identification number: 503 572 446.

Capital : € 105,000.00


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We are a travel agency that was established in 1995 and has about 24 years of existence and experience covered by topic, we are working with several operators around 14 countries that are half of the countries of the European Community travel Portugal and Spain, are A different team specialized in the tourism industry for over 40 years.

At the same time, we have our association for eco-tourism, non-profit, volunteer teams from various European countries. We are active members of the environment for many years, the organization of eco-tourism trips, eco-entertainment events in different subjects of all ages and tastes, sustainable development, and to organize our tour in Portugal in Spain.

By promoting ecotourism by car, motorcycle and electric quad excursions produced to satisfy all tastes and maintained in the province and the tourist city of the age of Portugal.



Mission to make our association ?

Our mission is to raise public awareness about environmental protection, participate and contribute to taking all necessary measures to fight global warming and climate change.

Our mission is to promote the use of the electric car, which is of great importance for today’s mission “save the planet” urgently.

We all know that exposure to car particle contamination is a predictor of infant mortality and cancer. Air pollution from exhaust gases, which cause respiratory diseases contributes to global warming.

We use our various trips, small boats 7 electric seats, motorcycles, electric quads, electric motorcycles, scooters and electric motorcycles.

We have agreements with more restaurants every time we work in different cities where we have our eco-tourism circuits, using local products as possible and with maximum participation in organic food products.

Bees in danger : a plague of multiple causes and catastrophic consequences.

The cornerstone bees of our food security

A healthy diet depends on healthy pollinators. Only a few figures to achieve:

75% of world food production depends on pollinators.

Between 60 and 90% of wild plants need pollinators to reproduce.

That is why awareness activities for ecotourism with different ecological themes and events are organized.



More than anything else, do the animation and promotion with various brands of cars, motorcycles, scooters and electric quads that we use in our vehicles ecotourism circuits 5-9 seats.